10 Jul 2014

On blogging about not blogging

On the heels of Adam's thunderous return to the blogosphere (or heliosphere, as the spellcheck would like to suggest), I too choose to make an entry of my own, to commiserate and commemorate, to coincide and pesticide, to get lost in words and get found in other worlds, to really get lost in words and just get plain confused... I clearly need more coffee and sleep.

So much has happened since 18 May 2014, the date of my last entry.

England and Russia both played and lost in the World Cup, which freed me from the horror of watching either of them get demolished by teams like Germany et al. I was quite looking forward to the Dutch v Germans in the finals, but alas that was not to be.

Shockingly enough Expendables 3 has now been confirmed as a film, although disappointingly enough the preliminary information seems to discard the theories of the return of Jean-Claude Van Damme as Claude Vilain, twin brother to Jean Vilain, the villainous villain of the 2nd instalment in this stellar series. It was the same instalment where Chuck Norris made a Chuck Norris joke and Bruce Willis was back, not Arnie

(Op-ed: it's bad, but it's actually so bad it's good.)

Somehow, despite the amazing odds I am yet to win the Euromillions, but I would totally not tell anyone if I did.

I am also more than halfway through A Storm of Swords. Literally, awesome! For once in this post not a hint of irony and sarcasm.

Other things like mushrooms, steak well done, Michael Gove, Ryanair, wars, clogged sinks, chavs and papercuts are still happening to either myself or other people, but the world is not perfect, so we just have try and do our best to ensure that above listed just stop. For my part in all this, I've unclogged said sink! Oh yeah!

And finally, I shall refrain from any kind of political commentary, but will say this:

18 May 2014

Today I was going to talk about the world, universe and everything.

However, instead...

24 Apr 2014

Another poem

Another poem here I come
I find more comfort here than some

The only rule is that of rhyme
It makes the world look like a lime

Shakespeare and I, we rule the world
The chicks just love the spoken word

I'm bored now and I'm forcing rhyme
Oh no, it's late, look at the time

At night the blog and posts will keep
And I will think on them in sleep

You never know what you might see
In darkest bete-noires of my gee*

*Gee - an ancient word, recently brought back into circulation, no relation to Ghee (which is an interesting idea and I would sure like to try and home make), it means subconscious**

**The author lies and makes up words

1 May 2013

A short poem

First of all, in no way am I poet. This will become evident.

However, I believe that poems are an art that has been used by many a gifted people to express feelings and thoughts that go beyond simple prose. I believe through sheer effort needed to compose a well-sounding poem on average the quality of a poem, the thoughts the ideas the metaphors and the feelings are much sharper, more striking, more everything, than what you find in prose.

This one though, is not the case:

You disappeared, that's all I knew
That you were lost to me
I asked. They told me nothing new
I couldn't take it, me.

I looked, I searched and there was nought
In Russia or UK.
I just felt horribly distraught,
And everyone would say:

"You'll never find her, mate, move on.
It's hopeless, waste of time."
And I gave up, and I moved on,
And here I have no rhyme.

Sure, there were others, far too many
But it was not the same.
And ultimately there weren't any
Who made me feel that way.

So I moved on and years have passed
And then one day I saw
Your picture plastered on a bus
I couldn't move from awe

My world was beautiful, oh aye
In London, the Big Smoke.
I finally could go and buy
Me some Vanilla Coke.

First post

Greetings - this is the first post of my blog.

I will be posting my attempts at writing, results of my cooking experiences, general musings on life, possibly comments on books/comics/TV shows/films/whatnot, and anything else that tickles my fancy.